How I Launched My Own Fashion Brand: The Short Version

In high school I begin to struggle with underarm sweat. Eww. Gross.


Tried every kind of deodorant/anti-perspirant under the sun. Still sweating.


Went to college, had a good time. Still sweating.


Tried the “anti-sweating” anti-perspirant that blocks underarm sweat glands. But Still sweating. Only now its on my back too. Awesome. Quit using that product, but its too late, I’ve shown my sweat more outlets so now I sweat in two places. 


Graduated, got married, moved away. Still sweating.


Had a bazillion different jobs, moved a few times. Still sweating.


Had a baby, quit my job, started my own business. Now I’m really sweating.


Moved again, had another baby, started homeschooling in addition to the business. Still sweating (but don’t really notice or care due to exhaustion).


Closed business, had a third baby. Still sweating.


Moved again, life falls apart, got a divorce. Still sweating.


Have to start over, decide I’m ready to feel like myself again, wear actual clothes instead of a wardrobe that consists mainly of yoga pants, hoodies, tees and having perfected the messy bun due to the need to disguise unwashed hair.


Also decided it was time to have clothes that didn’t tell my personal business to everyone in the world. I decided it was time to have clothes that made me feel good and didn’t show sweat stains.


Finally acted on an idea I’ve carried around for years for clothes that do just that…make me feel pretty. Not in small part due to the ability to disguise underarm sweat stains.


Figured if my life was already upside down, no harm in taking a chance on myself and my dreams for a change. 


I asked myself, “Are you up for the challenge? Do you have the talent, skill, persistence and fortitude to create a product you KNOW will change lives for the better? Can you create an amazing product that is Made in the USA? Simply put, can you do this?”

The answer? No sweat.

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  • Love the blogs on your page! Can’t wait to try these products! Love you and am proud of you! This is gonna be great!

    Kim McKenzie

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