Who Are We?

 Elizabeth Reagan is women’s clothing that is “Made in the USA” with materials that are also "Made in the USA."* Elizabeth Reagan merges the iconic style and simplicity of the little black dress with the performance and comfort of yoga pants resulting in what we've dubbed "Luxure." We've combined luxury and leisure to bring discriminating consumers a one-of-a-kind "Made In America" brand. Our apparel is designed with performance fabrics that wick moisture and even prevent sweat and odor from being absorbed through our patent-pending liners, all while offering you the flattering fit and style you want. Finally "Made In the USA"   women’s clothing that merges your style with your values. 



 Founder and Creative Director, Elizabeth Domnisch

  *We use "Made in America" materials when possible. In some cases when it is simply not possible to find a material "Made in the USA," it will be noted in the product description.  We also encourage anyone to reach out to us if they know of a resource that is "Made in the USA," where we are not currently using the same.