Working WITH other small business, not AGAINST them. Explanation of our “Creation Not Competition” Philosophy.

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Competition is good. Cut throat competition is not. 

Capitalism is good.  Crony capitalism is not.

Most of us realize that our free-market system isn’t working the way it was designed to work. 

The big corporations are crushing small business.

The big corporations are allowed to operate when small business is being shut down.

The big corporations answer to Wall Street and are forever pressured to increase profits at all costs.

The current system is broken.

Most of us realize that the current model is moving rapidly towards a fascist model.

We believe that small business represents a core tenet of our country’s founding…Decentralized power. 


Small Business=Decentralized Power

It’s much easier for “We the People” to control the economy with millions of small business but much easier for government to control the economy with only a few huge multi-national corporations.

One of the major goals of Elizabeth Reagan is not only to provide timeless designs in functional fabrics but to do our part in bringing manufacturing back to the US. 

We believe that manufacturing only 2% of the clothing that we wear is not just troubling for the economy but for our national security as well (click here to read this post for further explanation on that line of thinking).

And since this is one of our goals, it only makes sense for us to highlight other companies who are here and already offering “Made in America” apparel, housewares, sportswear, accessories and everything else you can think of.

We are creating a network to help save manufacturing in this country, not compete with these companies. We want to see MORE companies producing for the domestic marketplace, not LESS.


We realize this is considered “crazy” by some.


Who promotes their “competition?”


We do.  


We are doing things differently this time around. 


Success at Elizabeth Reagan is not only making sales for our company but helping other “Made in the USA” companies do the same. 


We all win when the American economy is thriving.

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