Made in America

  • Corey Alston and Sweetgrass Basket Artistry: A guarded trade, diminishing resources and a time-honored art form are only part of the story.

    The oldest Afro-American art form in the US is that of the Gullah Geechee community and is sweetgrass basket weaving. Sweetgrass basket artist Corey Alston sat down with founder Elizabeth Domnisch to talk about this exquisite "Made In America" art form.
  • Why Buy "Made in the USA" Women's Clothing?

    This post briefly explores the different reasons for buying "Made in the USA" clothing. Some of the reasons you have likely heard before but some will surprise you. Buying "Made in America" is no longer just a feel good choice for patriotic Americans but a moral and ethical choice for any citizens concerned with the environment, human rights and our economy/national security.
  • LITTLE BLACK DRESS MEETS YOGA PANTS: Inspiration for creating women's clothing "Made in the USA"

    Find out what we mean  when we say "Little Black Dress" meets yoga pants. It's nothing short of ah-mazing.
  • What is Made in the USA?

    Wonder what the "Made in the USA" label means? Can anyone claim "Made in the USA" or "Made in America"? Check out this article so you know what you are buying when you buy "Made In the USA" and who can make that claim.  Also some really cool resources on how to find companies dedicated to offering "Made in the USA" products.