#WearItOnYourSleeve Campaign

#Wear it on Your Sleeve Campaign

Made in America #WearItOnYourSleeve 

We all know what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve so we at Elizabeth Reagan decided to take that literally and design a symbol that lets everyone know what you support with the clothes you wear. 


So what DOES wearing Elizabeth Reagan mean? 

Simply put, it means you support our mission to " Do Good, Feel Good and Look Good."

Do Good
By keeping our apparel "Exquisitely Made in the USA," we ensure the world's highest worker, environmental and workplace safety regulations are used in the production of our clothes. 
Feel Good
With our patent-pending liners that block sweat and odor absorption, you can wear Elizabeth Reagan designs anywhere, in any weather with confidence.
Look Good
By combining timeless designs with flattering colors/patterns and functional fabrics, we created our unique Luxure line of apparel that is the best of Luxury+Leisure.