#WearItOnYourSleeve Campaign

#Wear it on Your Sleeve Campaign

Made in America #WearItOnYourSleeve 

We all know what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve so we at Elizabeth Reagan decided to take that literally and design a symbol that lets everyone know what you support with the clothes you wear. 


So what DOES wearing Elizabeth Reagan mean? 





We are ALL made in God’s image, inside the womb and out. We believe each person deserves the right to be born and be given the chance to live up to the God-given potential and genius that EACH AND EVERY PERSON is born with. We believe that all humans deserve the freedom and dignity to choose their path in life. We do not believe in supporting countries that are human rights abusers. We believe that the US should work to end our dependence on such countries. We do not under any circumstance believe in exploitive or forced labor that exists in much of the world, especially in the garment industry. Every one deserves fair pay for fair labor. By keeping our designs Made in America we can assure labor laws that protect workers.


America First

We believe in the traditional American values that have made this country great but have come under attack. We believe in equal opportunities for each and every person regardless of color, religion, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation. We also recognize that equal opportunity does NOT mean equal results. 


We believe that by choosing to have our designs made here, with materials made here we are creating more opportunities that will serve to strengthen our economy and our independence from other countries who wish us harm and don’t share our values of freedom and justice for ALL.


We believe in the Constitution as written, and that our Founders, despite personal flaws, are heroes who birthed a nation that is quite simply, the most free and fair country the world has ever seen. We are grateful every day to live here.


Believers in Free Markets

Whether many realize it or not, small business is not just the backbone of our economy for financial reasons but for security reasons as well.  With millions of small businesses operating successfully, it keeps the large multi-national corporations from controlling the supply chains and exerting too much influence over our lives. As we have witnessed over the last year, huge multi-nationals do not represent the customers they serve or their values. They do not pay their fair share of taxes and are seeking to effectively legislate through ill-advised and often illegal business practices. A thriving small business community is the way to keep the wealth from being controlled by a few elites. A thriving small business community also prevents the select few companies from deciding what the market will and will not allow. We will even go so far as to say that supporting small business is a core tenet of our country’s success in that it represents a concept that our Founders held dear…. DECENTRALIZED POWER. 

Environmental Stewards

With shorter supply chains and protective environmental laws, buying Made in America reduces the impact that manufacturing and trans-national transportation have on the environment. The majority of the imports in the US come from countries who are egregious offenders to the environment.  We believe in responsible laws and regulations that protect the environment without placing unrealistic burdens on business owners. We believe that environmental laws should not hurt our dependence on our own resources and manufacturing but rather serve to keep our economy independent and strong.


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Made in the USA #WearItOnYourSleeve Campaign