Who Are We?

We work to give women the best of both worlds, style and substance; sturdy designs that are both practical and feminine. Designed to make life better for everyone on both sides of the product, our products reflect our commitment to improving personal style and the world we live in. Saving the world never looked so good. 

We are proud to offer apparel that helps women to dress in a way that reflects their personal style and restores their confidence. Our designs also prioritize worker well-being and responsible manufacturing. By having our products Made in America  we ensure that our line is produced with the world’s highest worker and environmental standards.




After accumulating a closet full of beautiful clothes that she couldn’t wear because they were too delicate to stand up to sweat stains, our founder, Elizabeth, had given up on finding the perfect solution to her years long struggle of trying to hide sweat stains. After years of futile searches for feminine clothes that included sweat-stain resistance, she resigned herself to yoga pants and tees/hoodies. But she has also become accustomed the comfort of performance fabrics.


After another big life event in 2019, she decided to bring her long held vision of feminine clothes with integrated sweat-stain resistance to life. Not only that, she decided that these clothes should be as comfortable as her yoga pants. 


Without any experience in fashion or manufacturing, she found great teachers, mentors and resources on her journey of self education. She began designing apparel, her own graphics and even wrote the patent for the sweat-stain resistant liners. 


After many prototypes, samples, and challenges she launched the first top in her “No-Sweat Style” collection in the Spring of 2022 with integrated total garment protection. No more undershirts or layering clothes! 


Her “Luxure” collection that combines the luxury of classic design with the performance fabrics used in athlesiure clothing is coming soon!


Elizabeth Reagan has arrived. 



 Founder and Creative Director, Elizabeth Domnisch