LITTLE BLACK DRESS MEETS YOGA PANTS: Inspiration for creating women's clothing "Made in the USA"

Ever notice how some of the most beautiful things live outdoors? I have. Majestic old oak trees, hydrangeas, lush green grass to name a few. Also ever notice how some of THE. BEST. times are outside too?? Garden parties, brunch on the patio, walks on the beach, picnics, steeplechases, tailgating, football games…wait, what? Yep. Football games. (Girls down south know what I’m talkin’ about.)  Anyway, while enjoying some of the most beautiful things outdoors and having the best time outdoors I felt as though I wasn’t quite fitting in. I found myself thinking, “Shouldn’t I look as fabulous as I feel at this party?”  Imagine how much fun I could be having if I didn’t have to park myself by the fan under the tent? Or if I would actually be able to stand a little closer than 3 ft from anyone for fear they will see the sweat stains or see that my clothes were sticking to me? Anybody feeling me on this?  I felt like there should be a style beyond yoga pants and gym shirts that could accommodate this teeny tiny  request. And by “style”, I don’t mean just giving up altogether which it seems some styles have attempted by tying a string to a hand towel and calling it a top.  When I went shopping, I’d wander in and out of boutiques and think “Why does the fashion industry hate me?” Who’s with me?

 Plus, I was SO over expensive delicate wardrobe items that are GOR. GEOUS. but I was too afraid to wear because I didn’t want to mess it up or I was saving it for a special occasion. So my default choice was yoga pants ( because yoga pants are sooo comfortable and tough).  Y’all know where I am going with this. Take linen for example. I own a gorgeous casual linen dress. Would be one of my faves if I ever got to wear it. By the time  I put the dress on, do my hair and makeup (both have to be done after my dress is on since it goes on over my head), breakup 4 arguments between my children, look for my keys, and get out the door, I already have a sweat stain somewhere on this dress. And I can drive to my event with the AC blasting, pointed at my underarms but it doesn’t help. Why? Because linen is a petty and unforgiving fabric that is trying to ruin my life. That’s why. My clothes should be pretty AND I should get to wear them as much as I want. I know this may seem obvious to you and I, but CLOTHES ARE FOR WEARING.  Which is why, as we get to know each other, you’ll realize that I know the Marc Jacobs quote “Clothes mean nothing until they have been lived in,” like I know John 3:16. I am tired of treating some clothes like a priceless work of art, something that only gets lovingly gazed upon in my closet but too expensive to touch. Or an antique car that only gets taken out once a year. I. WANT. TO. BE.PRETTY. EVERY.SINGLE. DAY.  Not once year. Why is that so much to ask?? And I don’t want to have to change clothes three times a day to do it. Seriously, I can get the weather, turn my lights on and off, lock and unlock my front door, make a phone call and play my favorite songs at the sound of my voice, why don’t we have clothes that disguise sweat stains??  (Alexa, play “I’ve Got the Blues” by the Rolling Stones). Why is it sooo hard to maintain a teeny, tiny,  TOTALLY REASONABLE standard of looking my best everyday?  

Wouldn’t it be a total fairy tale to find a gorgeous dress/brand that could be worn every day because it was built like a tank and could take anything you could throw at it? No more time lost in your closet trying to map out your whole day so you know what to wear. Yeah, we thought so too. We do not want to wear clothes that require the precision strategy of a tactical military operation just to avoid embarrassment. Is it the impossible dream to think that I could get dressed, look like I did more than just roll out of bed before leaving the house but also be prepared for anything that came my way? I don’t feel like I should have to get “dressed” to run errands but I also don’t want to be seen all over town in gym clothes all the time. I don’t want to look like I’ve given up. So, finally, I rolled up my sleeves, decided to turn my daydreams into my days, and made this happen.

 And that’s how we came to make clothes that are pretty AND strong. That’s how we came to make ‘pretty’ easy. And we all lived happily ever after.

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