"Made in America" Recommendations: Voluflex

In doing my research for the "Made in America" Buyer's Guides, I came across the Voluflex brush.  They had me at "volume." As someone who has baby fine hair, and has spent many hours in prayer and in front of the mirror wondering what she ever did to deserve such stubborn hair that flat refuses to hold volume, (See what I did there? FLAT refuses. But I digress.. :-) I have to admit, they had my attention. Could it be true? Is there finally a product that will help without me having to take a day out of my week just to have enough time to dedicate to decent looking hair? I have had many products over the years that promise to give me bombshell volume, so while I was initially excited, I proceeded with caution. 

When I came across the website, I was initially excited about finding another Made in American company. (And if you need any more reasons why  we should focus our resources on bringing manufacturing back to America, check out this blog post.) But I was doubly excited at the prospect of finding one tool that could single handedly help my volume "issue." Ok, correction, the second tool that could help. The first being my blow dryer. You do NOT want to know me with air-dried hair. Fact.

At any rate, I surfed through their site and even watched the videos on how to dry hair using this new brush. And if you know me, that's a huge win. If you can get me to watch a video on your product, you definitely have my attention. 

So after watching the videos and reading about their company  on their About Us page, I decided to give it a try. 

I don't think I have ever been so excited to actually wash and dry my hair. When the brush came,  it came with the nicest handwritten note. I appreciate gestures like that because as someone else who is building a customer base and trying to make a difference through her business, taking the time to write a hand-written note speaks volumes about how much someone values their customers.  So, kudos for that.

The first time I used it, I got knots in my hair because I was still trying to get the method down. But after that first time, it went smoothly and while I didn't get the Victoria Secret model bombshell volume that I've always dreamed of, they did not promise that. They promised increased volume without having to use as much product. And on that they delivered. I have even used the brush to dry my daughter's baby fine hair, and it gave her hair volume as well and that was without ANY product.  

So I'll wrap it up, because I know you have a brush to order but do I recommend this product? Yes!  Even if you need a little detangler until you get the method down pat.  Overall, this is a great product and I am glad that I ordered it. Thanks Voluflex for helping to make Made in America look good. :-)


Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

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